About Us

ZEPTO is a research and development company based in Pakistan, incorporated on 26th November 2012. ZEPTO is targeting market penetration through its strength and expertise in the field of power electronics, instrumentation and mechatronics, with focus on innovation and beautiful thinking approach for problem solving and product development. Our initial product development focus is in the field of power electronics, which is a core technology in industrial automation, renewable energy and smart grid systems. These fields are important to the future of humanity.

ZEPTO with the aim to reduce costs and add flexibility decided to have in house manufacturing. The company has established a prototyping and low volume PCB assembly lab with future plans to set up high volume PCB production plant. We also provide EMS (Electronics Manufacturing Services) to customers with prototyping and low volume production needs.

We are committed to serve humanity in general and uplift technological, economical, educational and social standards in the countries we operate in.

In recognition of innovation by ZEPTO, PIF (Pakistan Innovation Foundation) officially nominated ZEPTO among TOP 5 Most Innovative Technology Startups in Pakistan for National Innovation Awards 2015

Our Values

ZEPTO is a young company founded by young people who came together to chase their dream of a better tomorrow for humanity. With positive energy of ZEPTO family, positive values have been pursued at work and life of each member. Dream and values which we would like to share with new comers and the world.

Our vision and mission are clear to us, and we spend every day in pursuit of them. Our vision is “To be a Global Technology Leader by 2043″, our mission give us enough motivation to fulfill our vision, “Build the World by Developing Humanity and Technology”.

But given the target we set for ourselves, and the motivation for pursuing it, we need to set the rules for the journey. Such rules are our values, and we simply follow them and expect all ZEPTO family to follow them:

  1. Think Beautifully, we intend to solve problems in the most beautiful way that will make many smiles.
  2. Be Good, we intend to be the leaders in doing good and help those who do good.
  3. Aim Perfection, we intend to be the best at what we do and never compromise on quality.
  4. Be Unique, we intend to stand out through continuous innovation and stay competitive using the same approach.
  5. Never Cheat, we will never tolerate corruption and will always remain transparent.
  6. Be Happy, we are committed to provide our employees with the happiest and most comfortable environment possible because we believe it is the only way for our excellence.
  7. Let’s Grow Together, we are committed to our employees and the society we are working in that we will always aim to increase their life standard and education. We will also encourage our employees for higher education.
  8. Admire What’s Beautiful, let our children enjoy the natural beauty as we do, for that we are committed to follow the standards that keep the environment safe.

We expect no less from anyone who joins us, at work we are all equal, we are friends, and we are united. We are committed to serve humanity in general and uplift technological, economical, educational and social standards in the countries we operate in, and we will give our employees a good experience, happy environment and nice memories. Come join us